Holidaying with children on Rügen

Clear to board!

Ahoy! Children from the age of 4 are warmly welcome in our Pirate Club. Upon arrival all children receive a pirate identity card with their own names on it.

Every day during the holidays, the team plans new, exciting and adventurous activities.

It’s not just arts and crafts. There’s hiking, free play, films, surfing, cooking and eating together, climbing, reading, bowling, and so much more.

A walk outside quickly becomes an exciting experience because our paperchase on the hotel premises offers lots to discover and at the end a treasure awaits. When there are rumbling tummies all round then a fun spaghetti party’s just the right thing. Children can laugh out loud and make a mess with their food.

Our activity team at Cliff Hotel Rügen even has a great programme on offer for the whole family. Sail with us into the sunset and round off the day with a bonfire on the beach.

In the dark, winter months, the little ones can look forward to Christmas baking. Afternoons are spent relaxing to a talking book, and once their spirits have been revitalised fantastic events await the kids in the hotel.

On New Year’s Eve, they even have their own New Year’s Party for Kids and Teens.


Wellness for children at Cliff Hotel

The little ones have their own dedicated wellness programme. Whether it is a mandarin and lime foam massage, chocolate for those with a sweet tooth, or a princess manicure, the little ones take pride of place at Cliff Hotel Rügen.