Largest hotel pool on Rügen

All pools are not created equal … that’s why we use pure ozonised oxygen for our pool water treatment. This means our water possesses high purity and cleanliness, and simultaneously guarantees your complete wellbeing while swimming: no smell of chlorine, no burning eyes and no harsh chemicals on your skin.

In our 25m-long pool with dedicated areas for swimmers and non-swimmers, there’s space for you to swim your lengths apace or at your leisure like nowhere else on the island of Rügen.

So everyone can relax and recuperate at their own pace, we have set up special family times at our pool – for fun and games with the kids under the constant supervision of a lifeguard.

Our daily family times are
from 10:00 to 12:00
from 14:00 to 16:00

Outside of the family times, you can enjoy the tranquillity and use the swimming pool for rest and relaxation.


Learn to swim at the hotel on Rügen

Can you already swim? Then it’s about time! From the Seahorse to Gold swimming badges – everything is possible by us! Our swimming instructors will help you to reach your personal goal with great energy and enthusiasm.

Swimming lessons (For children and adults. For beginners or simply to overcome fear of water.)

Individual instruction

minutes 25

Seahorse swimming test


Seahorse Bronze swimming test

minutes 45

Seahorse Silver swimming test

minutes 60

Seahorse Gold swimming test

minutes 120

Sew-on badges

(Seahorse, Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Swimmming pass


Unsere Spa-Broschüre


Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über unsere Angebote im »RÜLAX« Beauty & SPA. Genießen Sie die ganze Vielfalt an Wohlfühl- und Wellnessmöglichkeiten während Ihres Rügen-Aufenthaltes. Erleben Sie den sinnlichen Genuss wohltuender Behandlungen mit erlesenen Pflegeprodukten auf höchstem Niveau.