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Rügen Relax
2 nights from 183 euros




When you step out the hotel doors, impressive sights and natural spectacles await you. Cliff Hotel Rügen – Resort & SPA is located in a biosphere reserve directly on the beach in the region of Mönchgut, which invites you to go hiking.

Have you heard of the Königsstuhl and the chalk coast? From the smallest national park in Germany? Or Cape Arkona, the northernmost point of the island with a Slavic castle and Schinkel’s lighthouse? If you want to become a connoisseur of Rügen, you truly do not have it easy!

Culture indecisive are invited to visit Putbus in the south of the island with theater, circus and park. You are on vacation, when was the last time you saw a play, cabaret, operetta, do your little ones like children’s theater?

Fishing romance and lively hustle and bustle awaits you in the city port of Sassnitz, here you can experience something! Nature lovers don’t really need to do anything on Rügen, just enjoy the many opportunities for hiking or let the sight of the impressive avenue roads guide your steps. But don’t forget to check out the Swedish Road, which tells an exciting story about the 180 years of the Swedes’ rule over Rügen.

The Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival is an absolute must for music lovers. The program includes organ concerts in village churches, symphony concerts in barns and music festivals in palaces or manor parks.

Let us invite you to the Störtebeker Festival … a spectacle around the story of the legendary pirate Klaus Störtebeker. After an eventful day on the island of Rügen, all you really need to do is sink into your bed and order the picnic basket at the reception. For another day on the beach, under a blue sky overlooking the sea …


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